Is it really that easy to get a quote?

Yes, it really is.

We ask for the bare minimum of information needed to get a quote, and feel pretty good that the experience we provide and the price we offer will be enough to convince people that we’re the right fit for them.

Take two minutes to get a quote, and see for yourself.

How do I purchase an insurance policy?

Purchasing insurance is a simple 3 step process. Simply fill out our questionnaire to get a quote, create an account, and then enter your payment information to bind coverage. The entire process should take no more than 5 minutes, and we can provide you a quote and issue coverage in real time.

Do you offer General Liability Insurance?

Yes, we do offer General Liability (GL) coverage, but it must be purchased in tandem with one of our professional liability offerings. For those customers that are self-employed, we offer GL coverage as a simple add-on as part of our purchase process.

I’m a student. Do you offer coverage for me?

For healthcare professionals, we sure do. In fact, we figure you’ve got enough to worry about with paying for your education, so we offer significant discounts for our customers that are still in training.

What's Claims Made vs. Occurrence coverage?

The Cinch Medical Malpractice policies for healthcare professionals offer both the Claims Made and Occurrence options. For non-healthcare professionals, the policies are all Claims Made. Read on to learn more about these two terms:

Occurrence coverage protects you from any covered incident that occurs during the policy period, regardless of when a claim is filed. You could report a “claim” years later for an incident that happened during the policy period.

Claims-Made coverage protects you from incidents that occur or allegedly occur before the expiration of the policy period and after the retroactive date shown on the Declarations, but only if the “claim” is first made against you during the “policy period” or “extended reporting period”, if applicable.

Do I need Professional Liability coverage?

Well, there’s not really a short answer for this one. It depends on a number of things including your profession and your tolerance for risk. We’re all human and even the most detail oriented professional is at risk of being sued directly or named in suits which is why we typically want broad, specialized Professional liability coverage. If you are employed, your employer provided coverage usually provides indemnity coverage for you, but it may be prudent to have your own comprehensive coverage to avoid any potential conficts and ensure that your best interests are always represented.

What limits of liability should I get?

The answer to this question varies based on profession and practice state or jurisdiction. We have researched this and provide a guide in the quote process to highlight the “most common” limits of liability for you based on your profession and employment state selections.

I'm a healthcare professional - what does my policy cover?

If you have specific questions about the coverage our policies offer, you can download a sample policy below. Please make sure to choose the sample that represents the type of coverage you’re interested in (either Occurrence or Claims Made), as well as the appropriate employment status (Employed/Self-Employed). If you are a Student, you would be covered under our Employed Occurrence policy.

I work in an industry other than healthcare - what does my policy cover?

If you have specific questions about the coverage our policies offer, you can download a sample policy below.

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