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Professional and small business insurance that does the job simply and affordably.

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Savings + Security + Simplicity

Professional and small business insurance made for you.

Save time and money.

We’ve built professional and small business insurance with digital-age ease and efficiency, so you can enjoy significant cost and time savings.

Stellar financial strength.

We’re part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance, so you get the security of a top-rated insurer and a brand name you trust.

The protection you need.

We offer simply customizable, contemporary coverage, so you’re protected against today’s risks, with limits and enhancements right for you.

You work hard.

Make your insurance easy.

What’s different here?

We’ve made insurance simple. You’ll see it in everything, from policies that clearly provide the coverage you need (and that you can actually read!) to our two-step quick quotes, turnkey policy updating, and convenient, compassionate claims process. And, the efficiency we’ve built into the process allows us to offer pricing that can save you up to 20% – and in some cases even more. Get a quote today, and see for yourself.