3 Common Concerns Nurses Have About Delegation

And tips on how to move past them so you can get your job done.

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Despite what you might think, you can’t do everything yourself. Statistics show that when nurses stretch themselves too thin, they’re more likely to get fatigued and make mistakes. So, to be the very best nurse you can be, you’ll need to become comfortable with asking for help. Specifically, you’ll need to be able to rely on your teammates to help you out, no matter whether it’s a light or heavy lift. Here’s how to get over three of the most common hangups nurses have about delegating.

Nurse Delegation Concern #1: You Don’t Feel Like You Can Give Another Person Work

Don’t think this way, even for a second. As a nurse, you’ve made it through years of school and are in charge of saving people’s lives every day, so you have what it takes to delegate.

However, you may also be working on a team or at a facility that doesn’t encourage this kind of collaboration. If that’s the case but you’re feeling as if you’re stretched too thin, you need to raise this issue immediately. Sit your manager down and explain your situation; they don’t want you to burn out either, so chances are good that your manager will want to work with you to solve the problem. And if you still get resistance to the idea of delegating tasks, you may want to consider moving to another team or facility.

Nurse Delegation Concern #2: You’re Afraid of Making Your Teammate Feel Angry or Resentful

Nurses are “do it all” kind of people and typically come into the workplace expecting to have tasks delegated to them, not the other way around. Now you get to hand off bedpan duty? Amazing!

That said, it’s always a good idea to switch up the kinds of tasks you delegate, as well as to whom you’re delegating them. And, as always, make sure to follow up with compliments and gratitude so those to whom you delegate know that you appreciate their help.

Nurse Delegation Concern #3: You’re Not Sure How Qualified the Staff Member Is

This is a very valid concern that you shouldn’t take lightly. If the issue is that you simply don’t know whether a staff member has handled a certain task before, just ask. If they say “no” or can’t give you correct answers to clarifying questions, move on to someone else.

If you’re not confident that the person can perform the given task properly, simply don’t give it to them. Find a teammate who you know has done the task before AND has done it correctly.

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