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Lauren Katulka is a contributing writer through CopyPress. She is a happily married freelance writer living on Australia’s Central Coast. When she’s not playing with words, she loves rollerskating, spending time in the kitchen, watching indie films, and cuddling her Devon Rex cat, Gizmo.

Want to have a successful nursing career? Use the following tips for creating SMART goals to help keep yourself on track during your first five years. Read More

By: Lauren Katulka

Understand nurse burnout statistics and the best strategies you can employ to avoid burning out in the nursing industry. Read More

By: Lauren Katulka

Here are some tips for how you can become a safer and better-prepared nurse. Read More

By: Lauren Katulka

Find out which U.S. states are the best for RNs so that you can evaluate where you want to practice nursing. Read More

By: Lauren Katulka

A brief, easy-to-understand cheat sheet of the code of ethics for nurses, plus a list of the best resources where you can learn more. Read More

By: Lauren Katulka
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