Professional Liability Insurance

Protect the career and reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

What Is Professional Liability Insurance?

Professional liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, protects you from claims of negligence or of delivering an inadequate work product to a client. With professional liability insurance from Cinch™, you can feel comfortable knowing that if you face a claim, our team will work to protect you and your reputation.

Why Should I Choose Cinch for My E&O Insurance?

Plain and simple: financial security, our commitment to our customers, and competitive pricing.

Cinch is part of Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance (BHSI), which offers financial stability, professionalism, and core values that center around a dedication to customer satisfaction. We also offer a simplified, same-day digital experience. Your coverage can start the same day you purchase, and your online account is available to you 24 / 7.

If there’s ever a claim filed against you, we bring efficiency and transparency to all aspects of the claims-handling process. At its core, handling claims is about people—and our people bring skill and compassion to the process to protect your interests.

Plus, we sell direct to the customer, which means that customers can save as much as 20% prices—and, in some cases, even more*.

What Does a Cinch Professional Liability Insurance Policy Include?

Our policies include**:

  • Customized deductibles;
  • Flexible limits (depending on your needs);
  • Qualified payment plans;
  • No hidden service fees;
  • No caps on annual earnings; and,
  • 24 / 7 digital access to your account.

What Are Insurance ‘Limits’ and How Do They Work?

Insurance limits are the amount of money for which you are covered per claim/per policy term (which is usually one year). Your limits will often come as two separate, but related, figures, such as $1 million/$3 million. The first limit ($1 million in this example) is the amount of money that your policy will pay for each claim. The second limit ($3 million in this example) is an aggregate of how much money your policy will cover you for each policy year.

How Much Professional Liability Coverage Do I Need?

People typically buy coverage ranging from $250,000 to $1 million per claim, based on the complexities of their job. Say that you bought a policy with limits of $1 million/$3 million. If a claim is ever filed against you, you’d have up to $1 million to pay for legal fees and damages from an individual claim, and up to $3 million over the course of your annual policy.

As you go through the “get a quote” process, we’ll highlight the most common limits of liability based on a range of factors.

How Much Does E&O Insurance Cost?

The cost of your E&O policy will depend on a number of factors, including your particular profession, your location, how much revenue your business generates, and any previous claims filed against you. A $1 million/$3 million policy can start at $480 a year, depending on those factors. Because we allow Cinch customers to buy direct, we’re able to offer very competitive pricing, often saving you as much as 20%***.

And if you get a quote for a lower-priced policy, we want to know about it.

We started Cinch because we believe that we can make insurance better, faster, and more affordable by offering you a direct connection with an insurance company that cares about your needs. That means that you buy directly from us and you talk directly to us. We know you expect fast, seamless results from a company that really understands you—and that emphasis on technology, compassion, and customer satisfaction is all built into the Cinch mission.
Adam Yasan VP, Cinch

Let Cinch Help Protect Your Career

As an independent contractor or small business owner, you need protection from actions brought against you by clients, other businesses, or even your peers. If you’re ever sued by clients who feel harmed by your actions or omissions—regardless of whether the allegations against you are true—professional liability insurance can step in to defend you, protect you, and potentially pay any settlements.

With Cinch and BHSI, you’ll get the relief of knowing that a reliable partner has your back—and your professional reputation in mind—and will support you with the necessary resources until you’re comfortable with a solution.

Still have questions? Feel free to call us at 844-716-8418; our friendly staff will be happy to address your individual situation.

What’s Covered Under the Cinch Professional Protection™ Plan?

Professional Liability Coverage
Disciplinary Proceeding Reimbursement
Wage Loss/Deposition Expense Coverage
Relationship Protection
Contingent Bodily Injury or Property Damage
Retroactive Date

For Real Estate Brokers

Open House or House Showing Coverage
Fair Housing Act Coverage
Failure to Disclose Pollutants

* “20% savings” is based on industry pricing averages.

** Quote and issuance of a policy are conditioned upon receipt and approval of the following 1) Practice Location; 2) Profession / Specialty; 3) Employment Status; 4) Coverage Type; 5) Hours Worked; and 7) Prior Claims Activity. Final pricing and terms of coverage may vary.

*** Terms, pricing, and coverage may vary.